High Density No. 671 [Video]

June 19, 2014

Beijing Olympic Stadium - ChinaProgram topics:

‚ĀÉ The HTC One mini 2 arrives respecting the design but without double rear camera‚ĀÉ Xiaomi wants to be the Chinese Samsung but cheaper‚ĀÉ Orange Box – Ubuntu’s portable cloud‚ĀÉ The US and China initiate mutual attacks of accusations about cyber attacks and espionage‚ĀÉ China bans Windows 8 on government PCs‚ĀÉ Sports shoes personalized with your photos‚ĀÉ The 2020 Olympics broadcast will be on 8K‚ĀÉ Michael Jackson returns from beyond to the live stage thanks to technology‚ĀÉ The vinyl record is not dead and now it is popular again with sales on the rise‚ĀÉ This is the HP ¬ęmini¬Ľ Chromebox‚ĀÉ More than 400 thousand images of works of art to download for free from the Metropolitan Museum of Art of NY‚ĀÉ 4 databases where you can get free images of rights

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