High Density No. 670 [Video]

High Density No. 670 [Video]

June 6, 2014

High Density No. 670Program topics:

⁃ Huawei Ascend P7 is now official⁃ New cheap Motorola smartphone is now official⁃ New Bebop drone with Full HD camera and up to 2 km range⁃ 500 London police officers begin to wear cameras on their uniforms⁃ American military drones leave Solaris and are moving to Linux⁃ Due to technology we are losing memory by leaps and bounds⁃ A smartphone that doubles as a sheet of paper and can function as a computer⁃ Microsoft confirms that now the _Age of Empires_ for iOS, Android and Windows Phone⁃ Rovio announces Retry a game that ‘pays tribute’ to Flappy Bird⁃ Almost any car can be transformed into a hybrid⁃ Volvo’s first self-piloted vehicles start rolling Websites and math apps for kids

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