High Density No. 669 [Video]

High Density No. 669 [Video]

May 31, 2014

AD669Program topics:

  • Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft will notify the user when a government wants to access their data
  • Chadder is John McAfee’s new instant messaging application with high security encryption
  • Security flaw in iOS 7 does not protect attachments sent by email
  • Microsoft fixes serious flaw in Internet Explorer
  • Chromecast updates to show Google Drive presentations and YouTube live videos
  • Xiaomi becomes the third smartphone brand in China
  • These sunglasses let you know on your phone if you leave them forgotten
  • A video game controller that senses if you’re getting bored
  • GPS bullets so police don’t lose track of runaway cars
  • Yamaha plans to launch its electric motorcycles in 2016
  • 3 functions that maybe you did not know that your Android could do

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