High Density No. 665 [Video]

High Density No. 665 [Video]

April 27, 2014

philips-ifa2009Program topics:

  • 100,000 units of new “tablophone” sold in China in 34 minutes
  • Motorola would sell cheap Lenovo phones in Europe and the US
  • Samsung announces the arrival to the market of its series of curved televisions with Ultra High Definition
  • Philips bets on Android in its new 4K TV
  • Tuenti improves its VoiP calling service to rival WhatsApp
  • Technological solution to overcome accessibility barriers in ATMs
  • “Smart skin” could help patients with epilepsy or Parkinson’s
  • The automatic goal detection system is ready to debut at the Soccer World Cup
  • Vehicles with a 4G LTE connection open the door to a myriad of services and applications

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