High Density 700 a little great summary of 15 years …

February 6, 2015

This remarkable 15-year trajectory in Venezuelan TV is accompanied by 14 years on the air on CircuitoX with the version of microphones for radio nationwide, more than 64 thousand followers of @discoduro on Twitter, an exclusive channel on YouTube with all the programs in HD, broadcast in Colombia and Latin America by Cablenoticias and now has a new radio space for the area of ​​the high Mirandinos in Greater Caracas

The oldest Spanish-language TV technology newscast reaches its 700 programs broadcast by Globovision in Venezuela this week. It is said quickly but that means 15 years sharing with the High Density audience the most current and amazing technological advances in the world.

high density01

Carlos José Monzón executive producer and host of the space is the visible face of a research and production team that seeks to bring the latest in electronic equipment, internet, computers, telecommunications, transportation, digital cameras and digital entertainment to the screen every week. “In 15 years we have seen technology evolve in surprising ways,” says CJMonzón. “Cell phones, for example, went from being equipment for just talking on the phone and sending the occasional text message, to becoming terminals with more processing power in the palm of the hand than many computers.”

Listen to the interview with Carlos José Monzón by Antonio Da Silva Campos, published in the Podcast eXpectativa Digital:

Within the production of the program, the power of current computers and the Era of digital video have been key to the continuity of this project. People who have worked behind the camera in High Density have taken advantage of these tools to produce high-quality programs, with state-of-the-art graphic resources and HD video, which, in addition to watching them on TV, can be seen again at www.highdensity. TV

For Luiner Lugo, head of post-production for High Density, “the program does not lose sight of its function of educating, beyond informing, but without ceasing to entertain. Besides working in production, for me the technological learning that one receives every week is very important ”.

Searching for the world’s most relevant releases and technological advancements, the High Density production team has traveled the world in order to bring the latest technology to their audience first-hand.

“After 700 programs on the air” -concludes CJMonzón- “we have no choice but to thank our sponsors for supporting the valuable mission we have undertaken to reduce the technological gap in Venezuela and Latin America. We are also very grateful to the media that have included us in their programming during all these years and of course, we cannot forget our appreciated public, who thanks to their preference has made us the most experienced Spanish-speaking technology program in the world. planet”.

High Density TV currently reaches more than 11 million homes, thanks to the retransmission in Colombia and Latin America by Cablenoticias. On the radio, the version of the High Density micros is broadcast by all the X Circuit radio stations in Venezuela, and recently the production started a radio program called DiscoDuro aimed at the audience of the high people of Miranda in Greater Caracas, broadcast by the radio station Frequency Feeling 97.1 FM . The official Twitter account @discoduro has more than 64,000 followers and there is an exclusive channel on YouTube with all the HD programs available globally.

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