HeartWatch is updated with redesigned interface and new ...

HeartWatch is updated with redesigned interface and new …

March 20, 2020

HeartWatch is one of the most powerful applications for iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing you to get a detailed view of the heart rate data collected by your Apple Watch. The app has been updated to version 4, with an all-new Apple Watch app, a redesigned iPhone app, and more.

HeartWatch is updated with redesigned interface and new metrics

The goal of HeartWatch is to take all the data collected by your Apple Watch and offer different perspectives on what the data means. HeartWatch comes from the same developer as the popular AutoSleep app, so many of HeartWatch’s design elements should feel similar if you’re also an AutoSleep user.

On iPhone, the HeartWatch app is divided into three main sections:

Wellbeing, Activity and Workouts. In the Wellness section, you will see data about your daily heart rate, your sleeping heart rate, and your sedentary heart rate, among other things.

The Activity section of the app features a ring system for your steps, movement goal, and distance traveled. HeartWatch essentially offers its own version of the Apple Watch Activity Rings based on its past performance and more.

In the HeartWatch Trainings section

You can view data on where you are spending the most energy, time, or training load on your activities. For example, you can see what types of training you do most often, your training heart rates, and much more.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch app for HeartWatch offers contextual heart rate alerts, a number of watch face complications, the ability to record notes, and much more.

HeartWatch offers a large amount of data that aims to offer a new view of all your Apple Watch data. It takes all the data that your Apple Watch collects and explains it in a way that you can understand. You can dive deep into the app for more advanced data, or you can stick to the surface level for a broader view of your well-being.

The beauty of the mosaic interface makes the data easy to see while allowing you to drill down when needed.

HeartWatch 4 is a free update for existing users of the app and new users can download it from the App Store now for $ 3.99.

Source: Updated HeartWatch for iPhone and Apple Watch with Redesigned Interface, New Metrics, More – 9to5Mac

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