Hear when LG appliances will arrive with ...

Hear when LG appliances will arrive with …

May 13, 2014

LG doubles its profits thanks to the sale of TVThe Superintendency of Fair Prices published a list of the prices of 352 household appliances from LG and Sony stores. The list shows the brand, model and price of televisions, Blueray, air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, among others.

The euphoria soon invaded Venezuelan customers (and resellers) tired of the empty shelves and at once they went “queuing” in front of the stores to see what they were getting at those prices, but they found nothing. This price list is for the products that will soon arrive in the country.

Hear when the arrival of these appliances will be, in this interview with Gady Blitz, Marketing Manager of LG Electronics de Venezuela.

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