HD channels gain preference in Latin America

HD channels gain preference in Latin America

October 22, 2014

The new report “Evolution of the HD Channel Offer in Latin America” ​​published by Dataxis reveals that Brazil has the highest number of HD clients among the seven largest markets in the region – representing 63.5% of the total – followed by Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

The Dataxis investigation also identified 196 HD channels with programming that actively reaches their viewers. Of these, 149 channels were distributed exclusively through pay TV networks, while the other 47 were domestic FTA HD channels that were available in HD pay TV packages.

The report also identifies a total of 74 pay TV operators with an HD offer until July 2014, led by Argentina with 18 HD operators; followed by Brazil with 17; Mexico has 13; Chile has 11; Colombia with six; while Venezuela and Peru have five and four respectively.

via HD channels win the preference in Latin America: Portinos.

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