Happy Environment Day: Tips to Reduce ...

Happy Environment Day: Tips to Reduce …

June 5, 2014

energy efficiencyToday Environment Day (June 5), is a good time to evaluate how the energy efficiency of the offices is. Today the corporate world assumes a fundamental role in the commitment to natural resources, and they present more and more models of success in economics and low impact on the environment.

Faced with all the existing challenges in maintaining office infrastructure, one of the main points that can compromise energy and economic efficiency are old computers. On this, the most recent studies by Intel present the true costs generated for companies that insist on not updating their equipment, which can reach 3,534.3 Bs in average value spent per year with repairs and upgrades of older PCs. , according to research conducted by Intel around the world.

freeimages.co.uk techonology imagesPlus, the cost of four new PCs equals the cost of downtime and repairs on just one older PC.

“Many companies don’t know the true costs of old PCs in an office. It is even very common for some professionals to mistakenly think that they are saving when they maintain obsolete equipment that still works, but this is not a smart or economical strategy for the business, “said Gaby Gallardo, Intel’s Business Marketing Manager for Latin America. .

When an old PC needs repair, the same study indicates that 42 hours is the average hours lost in repair and maintenance for the company, which generates waste of time and additional internal costs.

Energy efficient with high performance

Intel launches $ 99 computer similar to Raspberry Pi but smallerIn addition, there are many other benefits in optimizing results and performance that come from renovating office PCs, as newer PCs (with 4th Generation Intel® Core ™ processors) run 60% more applications than the usual ones. They have four years or more of use.

“In order for the company to maintain a satisfactory level of performance of all the tasks carried out in its business, we recommend that the equipment be renewed every three years. This is a productive investment capable of guaranteeing a reduction in time and money for the business ”, complemented Gaby Gallardo.

As a good comparison to understand the electricity bill and energy savings offered by computers of the 4th Generation Intel Core processors, the same amount of energy used by a clothes dryer in just 60 minutes is equivalent to the use of a notebook per 6 days and 2.4 hours.

On the other hand, the time it can take for the old computer to simply turn on is extremely high: up to ten minutes for it to have all the programs loaded, which results in an hour wasted per week, or 2 days of your life just waiting for it to turn on.

“We are living in an era of high production and generation of fast results. For your company to have differentials compared to the competition, it has to have the speed of these times and a strategic focus, ”said Gallardo.

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