Gyffu is the Colombian search engine who wants to be better …

November 6, 2014

Sebastián Henao, 25, and Darwin Tusarma, 29, were systems engineering students at the University of Quindío, Armenia, when they dreamed of creating a search engine. Ignoring the skeptics, they looked for a less expensive solution, leading it to Gyffu, a search engine with a peculiarity: it does not index.

Indexing, in the world of technology, refers to adding web pages to the results of a search engine. Google does it. The results produced by this platform are based on the web pages stored in the company’s server hangars.

Indexing is expensive when you’re talking about hundreds of millions of pages, and the creators of Gyffu didn’t have as many resources. Necessity acted as a catalyst for genius and they created an algorithm capable of analyzing the content of web pages in real time. Thus, they dispense with the need for indexing.

via Gyffu, the Colombian search engine that wants to be better than Google – Tecnósfera – ELTIEMPO.COM.

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