Guitars are back now in concert with Guitar ...

Guitars are back now in concert with Guitar …

April 15, 2015

The new ‘Guitar Hero’ installment, unlike ‘Rockband’, will not use previously purchased peripherals and content, so if they had purchased guitars or DLC, that talk was lost. Now the game features a new guitar with two three-button bars on top. Below you can see the image.

But the guitar was not the only thing that changed. One of the iconic elements in ‘Guitar Hero’ was the cartoonish characters that accompanied the installment.

In this new version, Activision decided to go for a totally real look, with concert material and choreography performed by actors who want the player to sit in a real concert.

And from the trailer, it looks like it’s karaoke with the video clip in the background.

via Watch the Guitar Hero presentation trailer: Live • ENTER.CO.

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