Gowex the Spanish Wi-Fi company is a fraud

Gowex the Spanish Wi-Fi company is a fraud

July 6, 2014

Virtually unknown outside of Spain, Gowex is a company that has made a name for itself in the Spanish technology market in the last five years. His business is Wi-Fi connections. Madrid buses give free Wi-Fi connection with their technology, the Madrid Metro was also planning to use their technology.

Earlier in the week, a devastating report from Gotham City Research openly said that Gowex was faking its accounts, down to the number of available Wi-Fi hotspots. Throughout the week the company commented that Gotham would be sued for spreading false information, but the damage had already been done, Gowex’s shares plummeted.

Not only was the report true, but at dawn from Saturday to Sunday, the company finally confirmed the suspicions with this statement, it was all true.

via Gowex, the Spanish Wi-Fi company is a fraud – FayerWayer.

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