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Government of Venezuela blocks TunnelBear a VPN to …

March 12, 2014

Government of Venezuela blocks TunnelBear a VPN to avoid censorship

Those responsible for TunnelBear, one of the most popular VPN services virtual private networks have ensured that the Venezuelan government, through the internet connection provider and state telephone operator, CANTV, has blocked access to their services and applications, in what is already considered a new attack on free information and a new measure of censorship in the country.

During the last four weeks, Venezuela has been full of protests and demonstrations against the current government, of President Nicolás Maduro; In these, social networks and mobile applications have been the means chosen by the majority of protesters and, in general, citizens of the country to communicate and, above all, stay informed of what is happening, due to the fact that national television channels have been censored from in a certain way and they have not covered either the demonstrations or the tragic deaths of citizens who have participated in them.

via Government of Venezuela blocks access to VPN TunnelBear.

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