GoTenna is an antenna that connects mobiles even do ...

GoTenna is an antenna that connects mobiles even do …

July 18, 2014

An American start-up has developed devices that allow mobile phones to be connected to each other, over long distances, even when they have no coverage. GoTenna, they say, allows you to send messages and maintain communications to groups of people when there is no mobile network available. In remote places, or when these have stopped working after an accident or a natural disaster.

“GoTenna allows you to communicate without the need for any central connectivity,” they explain on their website. «No phone masts, no Wi-Fi, no satellites. It even works when the phone is in airplane mode. To achieve this, they have developed a device that works as a radio transmitter and receiver – on a frequency close to that of FM – which, connected to the ‘smartphone’ through an app, allows basic communications to be carried out.

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