Google wishes Happy Holidays for the third day in a row ...

Google wishes Happy Holidays for the third day in a row …

December 26, 2013


Today’s doodle is similar to the one we saw the previous two days. In this case it is a postcard in which there is a red house surrounded by snow. You can see the ground and the sky blue and blue.

In yesterday’s postcard we saw an urban environment, with a black car passing through the streets with skyscrapers. And in the one of 24 it was seen among snow, trees without leaves and a reindeer pulling a sleigh, in an image that is very much associated with Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, where the cold always arrives on these dates.

In addition to the doodle, Google allows you to follow Santa’s journey around the world through its online map service, Google Maps. Also, through a link on the home page of the search engine, you can access a game that allows you to “explore” the village of Santa Claus at the North Pole, chat with him and see the “technology” that his sleigh uses to travel around the globe and distribute the gifts.

via For the third day in a row, Google wishes Happy Holidays with its doodle – Diario Los Andes.

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