Google+ will abandon integration with Google and reduce ...

Google+ will abandon integration with Google and reduce …

April 25, 2014

Messaging - Google+ will drop Google integration and cut employees

Yesterday Google surprised us with the news of the departure of Vic Gundotra, the creator and head of the social network Google+. He was also the main defender within the company of the integration of this network with the rest of the company’s products, which led to controversial decisions, such as each new Google user obtaining a G + account by default, or that several services like Picasa and GTalk became Google+ Photos and Hangouts respectively.

The idea was that over time it would not be possible to use Google without using G +, a total integration that would change search and the web as we know it. However users have completely rejected this view; Google+ is considered a ghost town, and although the number of users is increasing, it is an artificial growth that does not lead to increased use. Despite everything, Google remained convinced that it was doing the right thing, or so it seemed.

via Google+ dies. Integration with Google will be abandoned and employees will be reduced.

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