Google receives fine for violating privacy in Euro ...

Google receives fine for violating privacy in Euro …

December 23, 2013

Google-1Google received a strong sanction from the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) for committing three serious offenses to the data protection law. According to The Verge, the internet giant will have to pay a fine of $ 1.24 million for collecting data on users, combining the data through various services and maintaining the data indefinitely without the knowledge or consent of the users. .

“The combination of the data it collects through different services far exceeds the reasonable expectations of most users who are not aware of it and lose control of their own personal information,” said the Spanish agency.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency decided to sanction the company for its lack of reaction to the calls made by the data protection authorities of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom to carefully review its privacy policy. Privacy.

According to the newspaper El Mundo de España, Google said in a press release that it has fully committed to the AEPD throughout the process to “explain the privacy policy and how it allows creating more efficient and simple services. […] We are carefully studying the resolution to determine the next steps. “

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