Google prepares its jump to the world of video games

Google prepares its jump to the world of video games

March 12, 2014

Android video game remote control

Google does not want to be left out of the game after the boom that Android consoles have suffered in recent months. Aware of the success that some of these devices are reaping, they could be in the process of developing their own alternative that would immerse the company in another new sector always related to its operating system.

We already knew Ouya, a crowdfunded console on the Kickstarter platform that received massive support (raising $ 8.5 million) even upon its arrival in stores last summer. The keys, its price of only 99 dollars and the wide range of games, since it is compatible with those available on Google Play. Another of the most famous examples, and there are some more, is TRON, developed by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which was unveiled at the last CES in Las Vegas. The small cylindrical design and a control unit were surprising, with the great novelty of a circular touch panel.

Now it could be the turn of Google, whose economic power and influence could give a leap in quality to these devices (which have not just taken off) if this idea that begins to take shape finally materializes.

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