Google once again sells Google Glass in the US to ...

Google once again sells Google Glass in the US to …

May 14, 2014

Google resells Google Glass in the US for $ 1,500 and only while supplies last

The technology company thus intends to gather the opinions of users and improve the product before its release on the market, which presumably will take place this year. The company has made this announcement with a note on the Google Glass profile on the social network Google+, where it limits itself to indicating that whoever wishes to purchase its futuristic glasses may do so while supplies last, without specifying the number available.

The price of the glasses is $ 1,500 plus taxes and their sale is part of the “explorer” program, which helps the company put the device in the hands of users, obtain their comments and improve it before its final launch. Exactly a month ago Google put a limited number of its prototype glasses on sale for just one day to its customers in the United States and only through the internet.

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