Google offers rewards to users for following ...

Google offers rewards to users for following …

February 29, 2016

Although it is for our own good, it is still difficult for us to comply with the now classic safety recommendations when browsing the Internet. We know how to have a strong password, how to avoid cyber attacks or how to prevent theft, but we do not always put all these tips into practice. To ensure that Internet users are aware of the security measures available to them, Google has decided to motivate them with a gift: all those who care about the protection of their account can receive 2 gigabytes of storage in Drive.

The initiative launched by the company to celebrate the International Safe Internet Day is really simple: just check the security of the Google account through this website to be rewarded with more space in the cloud.

In just a few minutes, users will be able to check their 2-Step Verification settings, the information needed to recover the account, and the apps that have permission to access it.

Thus, in addition to checking the key elements to keep their account safe, users will enjoy extra cloud storage. But it is not the only thing that Google has prepared for Internet users to worry about their safety.

Padlocks and question marks

Those responsible for the popular search engine have also decided to teach us in the most graphic way possible that not all services are as safe as yours. If Gmail encrypts the content of the emails sent, now the company’s platform will show a small open padlock every time it is not possible to encrypt the emails, something that will happen when the service used by the recipient does not allow it.

In addition, Gmail will replace the typical photo that should be used to recognize who has sent us an email due to an interrogation. Of course, it will only do so in the event that it is not possible to authenticate the email of our interlocutor.

This measure, which Gmail uses to identify spam emails, now also helps Internet users to be alert and suspicious of emails sent through accounts of dubious origin.

However, this does not mean that all emails that Gmail users receive with an open padlock or a question mark where a photograph should appear are dangerous: we simply have to be more careful before opening them. He wants us to worry once and for all about the protection of our data, and this time he is trying to do so with gifts and visual cues. Every effort is little for security to reign on the Internet.

Source: Google offers rewards to users for following its security advice – Media Center Spain

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