Google offers a comprehensive guide to switching from iPhone ...

Google offers a comprehensive guide to switching from iPhone …

October 25, 2014

The new page that Google has enabled consists of four well differentiated sections. The first explains how to sync your photos and music library. The change is not as simple as if we go from iPhone to iPhone or from Android to Android. Being different platforms, things get a little more complicated, but Google gives us all the keys.

For example, to be able to transfer the photos from the iPhone we can use Google + and its Auto Backup function (automatic backup). What it does is store all our photos in the cloud, so that later we can access them from our Android mobile. In the case of music, it must be done through the computer, using the Google Play Music Manager assistant. The process also involves uploading all the music to the cloud so that it can be downloaded to the Android smartphone later.

The second section that is covered in this guide is the contacts, a very important point that usually gives a lot of headaches. In this case, the way to proceed will depend on how we have the contacts synchronized, if in the iCloud account, the Gmail account or distributed in several places.

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