Google Maps allows you to manage your public profile in ...

Google Maps allows you to manage your public profile in …

November 11, 2019

Google Maps becomes even more customizable and easy to use. New options appear in the side menu, under «Your profile». Previously, from this option you could only check the progress of the points as a Local Guide, now Google has also added the ability to edit and manage your profile. In addition to being able to change names and photos, it is also possible to add a brief description of our person.

Google mapsGoogle Maps allows you to manage your public profile in the Android application Image by Studio Monkey via Shutterstock

From the screen you can access the «Profile settings» menu through which it is possible to intervene in other options related to privacy and the information that will or will not be shown to other users. For example, you can decide whether to show or hide contributions as a Local Guide or turn off the display of one’s profile for companies you follow.

A more than welcome addition of Google, with respect to your personal information, is that Maps does not leave any traces of the searches carried out and the position in real time.

The new profile management entries will appear gradually through an update released by Google on the server side. However, make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps for Android installed on your smartphone. It is not mentioned when iOS users will have this option.

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