Google launches the app “News and Weather” for devices …

October 8, 2014

This free app is responsible for selecting a personalized sample of current news headlines from among 65,000 different publications, as well as the weather forecast for the next four days. The use of the application is really simple, and it is that to change categories it will only be enough to slide your finger to the left or right, being able to move between different sections such as Science and Technology, Health, Economy and more.

An interesting feature is that, when clicking on a news item, related news will also be shown to us, and information from other sources can be consulted. In addition, Google News and Weather allows you to access the service through our Gmail account or using a guest access, without having to register for the service. In addition, the app allows you to choose between a light and a dark theme, adapting to all tastes.

via Google launches the “News and Weather” app for iOS devices.

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