Google launches Inbox an intelligent inbox ...

Google launches Inbox an intelligent inbox …

October 22, 2014

It can be weighed into Inbox as a smart inbox. It is able to group the messages and show relevant parts of them.

For example, if an email contains an appointment or a reminder, it is highlighted as such. If you have multiple photos, the application displays small thumbnails without having to open the message. If it is a purchase receipt, the message may show a photo of the product and a direct link to the shipment tracking.

The objective of Inbox, says the company, is that users can better manage incoming emails, allowing us to separate the important from the superfluous. It also integrates to-dos and reminders. The application allows you to postpone important messages or organize groups for messages from various sources.

The application will be available at first only for Android and iOS phones. Google hopes to have an application adapted to tablets soon. Chrome browser users on PC or Mac will also be able to access. The tool uses the Gmail account as the basis for messaging and works independently. That is, users can continue to use Gmail or toggle Inbox and Gmail if they wish.

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