Google gives you an extra 2 GB of storage per v ...

Google gives you an extra 2 GB of storage per v …

February 10, 2015

In just a couple of minutes you will be able to verify various aspects of the security of your Google account, from a mobile phone from which to receive verification messages to tools to allow access to your data. To do this, you just have to enter this link.

Security comes first and everything related to passwords, devices from which our account has been accessed or geographical locations can give us a clue as to whether there is someone unauthorized who is intruding on our digital privacy. This review will show us that data so that we can verify that nothing weird is happening or that there are no strange applications that can share our data.

The payoff is twofold. On the one hand, you improve the security of your account, which is something that never hurts, but on top of that, you get an additional 2 Gb of storage in your space on Google Drive, something that will appear at the end of the month. The reason is that today is Internet Safety Day and thus all those who take advantage of until February 17 to carry out these simple checks that result in greater impregnability of their user accounts are rewarded.

via Google gives you an extra 2 Gb of storage for verifying your security – The Inquirer ES.

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