Google Drive just dropped iCloud pricing at ...

Google Drive just dropped iCloud pricing at …

March 13, 2014

Google drive

100 GB for $ 1.99 a month. The other storage plans accentuate this difference even more: for $ 9.99 per month we can have 1 TB of space (Dropbox offers us only a tenth of that price) and for $ 99.99 we can reach 10 TB. In the latter case, Google would have a wide sleeve and we would even expand the space more depending on what we need.

The free plan is still 15 GB, a space that we remember includes Gmail emails and all the files we store in Google Drive. Google+ photos, if they fall within the limits of a certain resolution, are not counted as storage.

The maximum iCloud storage, which adds 50 GB to our free 5 GB, costs 80 euros per month.

Via 100GB for $ 2 a Month: Google Drive just made iCloud pricing look ridiculous.

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