Google defends itself against accusations of monopoly of …

April 15, 2015

Google’s response to the accusation of anti-competitive practices of the European Union against the popular search engine, formalized today, has not been long in coming. The company defends itself by explaining the benefit for users who have its online comparison services. It also highlights the innovation that Android has brought about in the mobile telephony sector worldwide.

The threat of a sanction that could reach 6,200 million euros hangs over Google after knowing the official accusation of the European Commission against the Mountain View company for an alleged abuse of a dominant position and “antitrust” practices in the segment of online comparators . The EU authorities have determined that Google would have favored its own services by damaging the options of the competition in the positioning of its search engine.

Google has officially responded to the Commission’s Statement of Objections with a blog post in which it makes clear that ‘while Google may be the most widely used search engine, users can find and access information in many different ways – and These claims of harm, to consumers and competitors, have proven far from the truth.

In addition, he also cites the field of shopping “comparators”, a fundamental part of the statement of objections, for which Google says that there is a lot of competition (including from Amazon and eBay) and that also the commercial results of Google do not hurt to competition with the example of several EU countries, including Germany:

Source: Google

Source: Google

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via Google defends itself against accusations of EU monopoly.

via The EU accuses Google of a dominant position.

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