Google also had its spy app for iOS and the ret ...

Google also had its spy app for iOS and the ret …

February 28, 2019

Google has been running an app called Screenwise Meter, which bears a strong resemblance to the spy app distributed by Facebook Research and banned by Apple. In the case of the Google application, it invites users over the age of 13 to download the application through a registration process with a business certificate.

That’s the same kind of policy violation that led Apple to remove the VPN Research app from Facebook.

Google announced that it will remove Screenwise Meter from Apple’s Enterprise Certificate program and disable it on iOS devices. The company said in a statement that the Screenwise Meter app should not have operated under Apple’s developer enterprise program, admits it was a mistake, and apologizes for that. They also announced that they disabled this application on iOS devices.

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First launched in 2012, Screenwise offered users to earn gift cards by downloading a VPN app that allows Google to monitor and analyze their traffic and data. Many people attracted to financial rewards may not understand how serious it is for a company to fully monitor all of its activity.

Worse still is to imagine how far technology companies are willing to go to obtain more information from users and thus gain an advantage over their competitors.

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