Goodyear incorporates biotechnology into its processes to ...

Goodyear incorporates biotechnology into its processes to …

February 24, 2015

BioIsoprene Tire - Genencor - GoodyearBiotechnology is the science that is based on the study of the interactions of living beings for its application in different areas for the benefit of people. Within its pro-ecology initiatives, Goodyear includes biotechnology in its production processes, in order to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

This discipline consists of an innovative resource that replaces traditional industrial processes -which are carried out with the use of oil or natural gas- to cleaner ones, which results in fewer by-products and less energy use. In this way, a product of equal quality is produced through a cleaner and more eco-friendly method.

In this sense, since 2008, Goodyear has been working in partnership with the biotechnology company Genencor in an investigation to develop high quality rubbers based on bioisoprene, a compound of renewable raw materials and that is a great substitute for certain products manufactured from of petroleum derivatives. As a result, the seven gallons of crude oil required to produce a single tire for private vehicles would be replaced.

In this way, Goodyear distinguishes itself as a company that is constantly renewed and has a high social commitment by creating technological and innovative initiatives to satisfy the needs of its customers and, at the same time, by contributing to the care of the environment; thus offering more beneficial, modern and ecological experiences.

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