Goodbye to retouched or manipulated photos because the ...

Goodbye to retouched or manipulated photos because the …

October 25, 2015

Modifying an image and altering it to make things appear or disappear that were not in the original image is not difficult: today there are many applications and techniques that allow it. Rather, the difficult thing is to detect whether or not an image has been modified.


This is what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is trying to solve with a new program called Media Forensics or MediFor, which will try to create a platform based on algorithms that can detect manipulations in images.

Although many image manipulations are done for a fun purpose or an artistic objective, others may be oriented for other purposes such as controversial informational and propaganda campaigns. The objective of MediFor is to be able to obtain information about this circumstance to know if that image is suitable for our purposes.

The application is based on indicators of digital integrity (inconsistencies in the pixels of images or videos), physical integrity (things that violate the laws of physics, for example), and semantic integrity (corroborating with other sources if the image may or may not be real). Now it remains to be seen if this project will be made accessible to the public or will be a tool for private use by this and other government agencies in the United States.

Source: Is this photo real or a fake? DARPA’s MediFor program wants to give you the answer

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