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Get ready to listen with your tongue? [Video]

January 20, 2015

Woman sticking out her tongue

Researchers at Colorado State University, in the United States, have developed a prototype that could offer a solution to hearing loss through an unexpected organ: the tongue.

The team has made a Bluetooth headset microphone that works in conjunction with a smart retainer that sits on the tongue to strengthen the ability to recognize words. First, the microphone recognizes language, and then a processor converts sounds into waveforms that represent specific words. Via Bluetooth, this information is sent to the retainer, which uses electrodes to stimulate the tongue. The pattern with which the nerves are activated corresponds to specific words.

The device is more suitable for people who are not completely deaf, as it strengthens the weak sounds that they are already able to hear. It will cost an estimated $ 2,000.

via Listen with the tongue ?.

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