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February 9, 2018

One of the great unknowns about the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the price it will have. This team will be launched at Galaxy Unpacked 2018, one day before the start of the Mobile World Congress. The rumors have started and from now on there is talk of a difference of at least $ 100 compared to the Galaxy S8. According to Gizmodo, the Galaxy S9 would have an increase of $ 155, going from $ 720 to $ 875 USD. In the case of the S9 +, the price would reach $ 925 USD.

Previous rumors indicated that the S9 would cost about $ 1,110 USD, about a hundred pounds more than last year, where it was achieved at 689 and this year, at 789 pounds. For the United States, it is believed that with taxes it would be between $ 800 and $ 850 dollars and in Mexico that amount will surely be higher.

People considered when the iPhone X was launched, that it cost too much to be the first borderless design, with OLED screen and facial recognition plus improved dual rear cameras. In the case of the Galaxy, part of those characteristics already have them, so it is unknown what it is that would increase the price.

Source: Galaxy S9 would cost $ 100 more than the S8 | PowerPDA

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