Galaxy S5 would have a 5.25-inch screen

Galaxy S5 would have a 5.25-inch screen

December 26, 2013

From the information that has emerged in recent weeks we know, or at least we suspect, that it will be a fairly complete device capable of running the Tizen “open source” operating system and that it will offer RAM memory of between 3 and 4 GB, camera 16 MP and an iris scanner to recognize its owner.

To this is now added a new specification, which is that of its screen that should offer QHD resolution of 2,560 × 1,440 pixels. According to DDaily (via SamMobile) this panel will be AMOLED and will rise to 5.25 inches compared to the 5 inches of its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 terminal.

If fulfilled, Samsung will continue the tradition of continuing to increase the dimensions of its flagship, which began with the 4-inch Galaxy S. For its part, the Galay S2 sported a 4.3-inch screen and the Galaxy S3 had 4.8 inches

via Bigger yet: Galaxy S5 will sport a 5.25-inch screen.

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