Fundación Zutic teaches programming to children from ...

Fundación Zutic teaches programming to children from …

January 17, 2017

The Zutic Foundation, created by the technology company Zulia Technology (Zuliatec), launched the third edition of “Hola Procodi” on December 8, in which 15 children were present with their representatives. The workshop was held at the facilities of the Institute of Management and Strategy of Zulia (IGEZ).

The workshop was directed by Professor Julio Cubillan, academic director, and Joco González, president of Zutic, who were the creators of said initiative. González reported, “This workshop aims to strengthen the technological advances of the state of Zulia, for this reason we have decided working with the children who are the replacement generation ”.

The objective is framed in making known the principles of programming and through that to revive the family value, since the representatives are also participants in the activity.

“Our children are immersed in technology, they are in a generation in which everyone wants to be technologists, youtubers and want to make web pages, so it is a great benefit to have this foundation,” said Yeny Ferrer, assistant representative.

The foundation has benefited 45 children in three editions held in the state of Zulia. The first was held on August 13 of the current year at the IGEZ and the second, on November 24 at the facilities of the José Gregorio Hernández University.

Some companies such as Sistemas Ventor, Innova Prosystem, Salvador Kids – Lago Mall, IGEZ, Zuliatec, PSKloud, A2 Softway, Saint, Aquaventura Park served as support for the realization of such a spectacular event.

The activity ended with the arrival of the “Buchon”, Aquaventurapark mascot, who gave free tickets to the children.

In this way, the Zutic Foundation is committed to continue executing this work with the purpose of creating proactive generations willing to work alongside technology.

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