Free webinar on «Digital Natives vs I ...

Free webinar on «Digital Natives vs I …

November 25, 2014

Cengage Learning announced the realization of the free webinar ‘Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants in Education – New channels and new formats in user training’, to be held next Thursday, November 27, 2014, at the following times:

• Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua: 1:30 pm • Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama: 2:30 pm • Venezuela: 3:00 pm • Puerto Rico: 3:30 pm • Argentina and Chile: 4:30 pm • Uruguay: 5:30 pm.

The event will be broadcast online, over the Internet, and is aimed at librarians and university managers.

Access is free and free (prior registration is required).

During the webinar the current context will be analyzed, in which virtual and traditional classrooms are attended by users known as ‘digital natives’; who are used to working in a technological environment and use friendly digital devices, with a different profile than digital immigrants. For this reason, the librarian, the teacher and the academic must know the digital skills (HD) typical of the XXI century, in the search for information.

This is precisely the objective of the webinar “Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants in Education – New channels and new formats in user training”, within the framework of which the benefits of the GALE platform will be analyzed (Gale Virtual Reference Library ), from Cengage Learning, which brings together more than 11,000 reference works of the 18 subjects most studied by researchers, students and professionals, such as: Medicine, History, Art, Business, Technology, Law, Literature, Education, Humanities and more.

GVRL’s extensive collection consists of almanacs, encyclopedias, manuals, indexes, directories, hundreds of award-winning books and thousands of reference works, in English and Spanish, from Cengage Learning and more than 100 prestigious partner publishers.

Speaker: Dr. Columba QuiñonesDoctor in Social Anthropology from the Universidad Iberoamericana. Former Director of Libraries and Promotion of Reading of the Undersecretariat of Basic Education of the SEP. Part-time teacher and researcher at Universidad Justo Sierra, Plantel 100 Metros.

To register: – ‘Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants in Education’http: //

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