Free web color your photos in black and white used ...

Free web color your photos in black and white used …

April 18, 2019

Colourise is a project made in Singapore created in the Singapore government technology agency, Government Technology Agency in English, and more specifically, it is managed by its Data Science and Artificial Intelligence division or in Spanish, Information Sciences and Intelligence Division Artificial.

Free website color your photos in black and white using artificial intelligenceChinese Girls School, Singapore, between 1890 and 1923. Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection, US Library of Congress.

As a result of a hackathon organized by this technological division of the Singaporean government, the idea arose to create a tool that would color images using deep learning. The result is Colourise, which although it was created to color Singaporean photographs, its artificial intelligence supports any black and white image.

In the words of its creators, the purpose of this tool “is to generate an image with plausible colors.” And while “it does not guarantee in any way that the colored image is an exact representation of the real snapshot in time”, the results are very approximate and add even more value to old images and photographs.

As a curiosity, the software that Colourise uses has been trained with more than 500,000 old photographs before making it available to us. At the hardware level, this tool initially used a local cluster of NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, although it currently uses the Google Cloud platform.

Source: Colorize black and white photos effortlessly

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