Free online platform to improve communication ...

Free online platform to improve communication …

December 27, 2017

Social networks have opened multiple channels of communication between companies and their customers. This scenario with countless benefits for brands also represents a challenge: We must be prepared to respond in a timely and correct manner to the avalanche of contacts that it is possible to receive through these means. Tikket is a web interface made in Venezuela that allows the company-client multichannel communication to know their requests and experience.

Tikket facilitates the identification of trends, channels, consumption patterns, elements that customers value positively and opportunities for improvement. In addition, it is possible to centralize the information and requests from comments on Facebook, Instagram, mentions on Twitter and questions raised in online chats on web pages, emails and even publications on MercadoLibre. All requests are registered with a case number and directed to the same inbox in order to improve response time and efficiency.

With a friendly and easy-to-use design, Tikket classifies the interaction depending on the area of ​​attention and has filters for viewing cases by status, social network of origin, date or number of assigned case, case history, statistics of the cases attended and statistics with the level of service of the operator. It also allows you to schedule automatic responses in the chat, quick response templates, hours of operation, activity log and technical support.

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