Free Android apps to go on vacation

Free Android apps to go on vacation

April 11, 2014

30% of teenagers' social media contacts are unknownHow will smartphones change the way we travel? SITA, a specialist travel and technology company, has predicted in a recent report how our smartphones will change the way we move around the world. Powerful and popular terminals like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the long-awaited Note 3 and state-of-the-art systems like Android 4.3 Jelly Bean they put incredible tools in our hands.

His conclusions: in the not too distant future, surely, the sale of plane tickets will be mainly through smartphones; Check-in, boarding, flight changes and baggage registration can be done through mobile applications connected to technologies such as NFC, so that air terminals become “self-service airports”.

VineAndroidIn an interview for CNN, Matias Duarte, director of Android User Experience, refers to a future with screens not only around us, but also in the palm of our hands with much more developed biometric recognition smartphones. Others make their bets on design and the images look like something out of a science fiction movie.

But while that future arrives, our smartphones of today are placed next to travel lovers to provide them with the most fabulous experience, becoming the best companions of this journey.

Apps and features for travel

Prepare your trip taking into account the most useful applications that Android puts in your hands with the most revolutionary functions. If you are still in the process of choosing your destination and you cannot decide between the natural beauty of Costa Rica, the street tango of Buenos Aires or the majesty of Europe, no problem, let yourself be carried away by the comments that travelers make in Cloud, a travel social network that you should always have at hand. By creating an account, you will have access to endless comments of great value that will help you make the best choice. But, if you are totally convinced that your destination is Latin America, don’t lose sight of Take off, an application available on all smartphones with an Android platform created to consult and reserve flights and hotels in this region.

Once the city has been chosen, let’s go for the plane ticket. For this, keep in mind Skycanner or Kayak, two applications if it is about offering the best rates among all the airlines that cover the destination.

Now let’s move on to the route. Touristeye It includes information on restaurants, museums, entertainment venues, etc., in a large number of cities. With it you can plan your trip, marking on your Wishlist the places you want to go, and having it available even if you have deactivated your data plan. And, of course, to find accommodation Tripadvisor is your best ally. This application has an extensive database of hotels, apartments or hostels and has numerous opinions from travelers who have been in them before.

With its travelers in mind, Samsung developed Rusticae, available on your smartphones and tablets and where you can see detailed information about the hotels, their location on the map, make reservations and access perfect offers.

The adventure begins

You go through the city entering each museum hand in hand with your smartphone. In it you have downloaded Google Goggles to know each of the paintings, sculptures or architectural buildings that you see. Google Goggles is an amazing application that recognizes every work you look at. You just have to take a photo of what you want to obtain information and the application, through a scan, recognizes the image and offers you the best Internet searches related to this piece of art.

You finally chose Berlin as your destination. You want to find the Pergamon Museum, you know you are close but you cannot identify the exact route there. Do not worry. Samsung on its Galaxy S4, offers S Translator. With this function the device is capable of instantly translating the phrase you need and you even have the option to choose between displaying the translated text or asking it to speak aloud with the question you want to ask in the language you need. The best way to ask for help on the street when you are lost.

And not to forget the best moments, with the application ECard emails You can take a photo of yourself in one of the emblematic places with your smartphone, add a text to it, mark the address you want it to arrive at, and press the send button. ECard emails takes care of printing it, stamping it, and getting it to its destination. Or with the two cameras of the GALAXY S4, do not get tired of taking photos in which for the first time you will have the satisfaction of appearing even if you are taking them.

It does not matter when to go on a good trip. The cause does not matter if it is about knowing new corners, breathing other aromas and tasting unknown flavors. Make sure to bring your smartphone and you will be ready for a great experience. Good trip!

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