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Free Android applications now but for a short time …

September 18, 2019

The folks at “The Free Android” bring their usual compilation of free Android applications for a limited time: it is always a joy to download quality apps and games for free. Since all discounts are for a limited time, they will disappear from the Google Play Store as the period on offer runs out. Includes free apps and games. The average quality is very good; with a handful of games that you have to add yes or yes to your collection.

Android apps for free now but for a short timeFree Android apps now but for a short time Image by panuwat phimpha via Shutterstock

As we are used to remembering, these offers are for a limited time. This implies that perhaps you go to the Play Store and the discount is no longer effective. So you must hurry: only then will you get the promotions as we reviewed. At the time of publishing this article, the applications offered the indicated discounts.

Free Android Apps

  • Scalar Pro – calculator and math scriptsScalar is much more than a function calculator. Scalar is a powerful math engine and math scripting language, combining the simplicity of standard calculators with the flexibility of scripting. Thanks to Scalar, defining arguments and functions, as well as their use in subsequent calculations, expressions, and function graphs has never been easier. You will see it shortly after becoming familiar with the available screens and options.
  • Ultimate EMF Detector ProUse this simple app to detect electromagnetic fields and metals and surprise your friends with what your phone can do. Be careful because some people believe that sudden changes in the EM field could indicate the presence of paranormal entities 😮
  • – WAStickerAppsThis anime sticker pack for WhatsApp contains high quality stickers that are made with love. You will be able to use them in the messenger that will be released later this year.
  • Speedometer GPS ProThis app can track your speed, distance, time, location and you can also get start time, elapsed time, average speed, maximum speed, altitude.
  • Calculator PROThey say it is the best calculator.
  • Learn Mandarin – HSK 4 HeroLearn Mandarin – HSK 4 Hero is the most effective Chinese word and character learning app. The Hero Method allows you to quickly master Chinese characters by imposing a process of retrieval and recognition, essential for long-term memory.

Free Android Games

Keep reading: All these applications are free for a short time. Don’t pay anything!

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