France bans Amazon from free shipping ... and ...

France bans Amazon from free shipping … and …

July 11, 2014

France passed a new law to apply certain restrictions to the sale of books over the Internet. Among other things, they decided to eliminate the 5% discount that they allowed to offer to stores on the sale price in bookstores and also forced to withdraw free shipping. Both standards collide head-on with what Amazon offers, being two of its great advantages. For this reason, various sectors have given this law a name as the “anti-Amazon law.”

But that doesn’t mean the internet giant has given up. In the case of discounts, for now, there is little you can do, but shipping is clear: what used to be free if you bought books now costs you 0.01 euros. A tiny amount that serves to comply with the law but does not “bother” buyers.

via France prohibits Amazon free shipping … and Amazon raises them to 0.01 euros.

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