Ford to include pedestrian detection system in its ...

Ford to include pedestrian detection system in its …

December 2, 2014

The Pedestrian Detection System with Brake Assist uses a radar and camera attached to the front of the vehicle to scan everything that happens in front of the vehicle. If the system detects a person or a vehicle, it alerts the driver so that he knows of their presence. If we focus on pedestrian detection, the new Ford Mondeo is capable of detecting people who are going to cross the path of the vehicle or those who are on the same road. In case the driver does not respond in time, this device can automatically apply the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible accident or even, it can eliminate frontal collisions.

Until now, models like the Ford Focus equipped an automatic braking system in case of emergencies, but it was not able to recognize pedestrians, therein lies the main change in the system that equips the new Ford Mondeo.

To get the system to detect pedestrians, the radar and the camera send the information to a database with different forms of pedestrians to help distinguish people from immobile objects on the road such as signs.

via This is how the pedestrian detection system of the new Ford Mondeo works – Hypertextual.

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