Ford leaves Microsoft for Blackberry's QNX

Ford leaves Microsoft for Blackberry’s QNX

February 24, 2014

ford_syncIf a few days ago we told you how Ford was going to return to touch buttons to leave touch screens, now we also know that in their eagerness to renew Sync, they are going to put aside the Microsoft operating system and adopt QNX from BlackBerry.

The reasons for this change, despite the delicate situation of BlackBerry in the field of smartphones, are various. The first, and perhaps most important, is the high cost of licensing Microsoft technologies for use in Sync. With QNX everything will be much cheaper, which will allow them a greater expansion in the entire range of their vehicles.

Another reason would be the problems that several Ford vehicles have had, with failures in both the systems and the touch screens. Faced with this situation and seeing how important “smart” cars are increasingly important, change is imminent.

via Ford leaves Microsoft and goes to QNX from Blackberry | The Inquirer ES.

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