Ford Announces New Adaptive Steering System For ...

Ford Announces New Adaptive Steering System For …

June 3, 2014

Ford announces new adaptive steering system for its carsAdaptive Steering changes the relationship between the actions of the driver and the steering wheel (the number of turns of the steering wheel) and how much the front wheels turn.

In traditional vehicles, this ratio is fixed, and with Ford’s new Adaptive Steering, the steering wheel ratio changes continuously with vehicle speed, optimizing handling response under all conditions.

At lower speeds, such as when entering a parking space or when maneuvering in narrow streets, the new system makes the vehicle can turn more agile and easier, since it puts more spin on the wheel, explains Ford in a note So each low-speed maneuver requires less steering of the steering wheel.

At highway speeds, the system further optimizes the steering wheel response, allowing the vehicle to respond more smoothly and precisely to the driver. Adaptive Steering can help make the driver more comfortable and make any ride more enjoyable.

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