First Zika Vaccine Leaves Labs Of ...

First Zika Vaccine Leaves Labs Of …

December 6, 2017

An experimental Zika vaccine was well tolerated and stimulated the protective response of the immune system in three phase one clinical trials, one of which was conducted at Saint Louis University in the United States. More than 90% of the study volunteers in the 3 trials that received the investigational vaccine demonstrated an immune response to the Zika virus.

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Spread by Aedes mosquitoes, the Zika virus causes microcephaly and other serious health problems in the babies of infected pregnant women.

This first effective vaccine against Zika has been developed by the US Department of Health and in the first phase of human trials, three different doses have been tested in order to evaluate its safety and its ability to stimulate an immune response.

Faced with this first success, the trial’s principal investigator, Sarah George, from Saint Louis University, said that “I am pleased to see that our work helps to advance towards a Zika vaccine, because we need it to protect people from this emerging infectious disease that can cause microcephaly and other serious brain defects in babies.

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