First enterprise data services platform ...

First enterprise data services platform …

July 15, 2014

EMC announced the long-awaited launch of the VMAX3 family, where VMAX evolves from a data warehouse to an enterprise data services platform. This radically changes what has been achievable so far with enterprise storage, bringing new levels of cloud-like control, efficiency and agility in the data center.

Historically, IT provided data services to internal customers and maintained full control of the data center. IT was the only trusted vendor, but it was limited by a lack of agility to deploy new applications efficiently. The rise of public cloud services allowed business managers to bypass IT and quickly deploy the applications they needed. While this self-service approach provided new levels of agility, it led to new risks by leaving business data outside the trusted control of IT.

To help IT organizations regain control, a new and much more agile data center is needed. The VMAX3 enterprise data services platform enables customers to regain control over where to best run specific workloads, whether in the data center or in the public cloud. VMAX3 introduces this innovation to help customers manage their storage-as-a-service using predictable service levels at the hybrid cloud scale.

Technology highlights

VMAX3 combines the control and trust of the traditional data center with the flexibility, economics and scale of the cloud, providing customers with a more robust, agile and reliable system.

More power

  • The new VMAX3 hybrid systems (including 100K, 200K, and 400K) are specially designed to support hybrid cloud by dynamically allocating core compute resources on demand to meet the performance requirements of dynamic mixed workloads. VMAX3 enables customers to hyperconsolidate business applications. The new systems are designed so that the customer can start small (with hundreds of virtual machines) and grow to support thousands of virtual machines, while providing predictable service levels.
  • VMAX3 offers up to 3x faster performance and 50% lower total cost of ownership than the previous generation VMAX, accelerating Oracle, SQL, and SAP transactional processes, high-bandwidth data analytics, and file workloads.

More reliability

  • The new flash-optimized VMAX3 offers the agility and economics of the cloud along with the control and confidence of the availability of more than 99.9999% (“six nines”) of the VMAX family.
  • EMC ProtectPoint, a new data protection solution, enables direct backup of primary storage to protection storage. With 10x faster backups and immediate access to protected data, this innovative approach enables you to back up the VMAX3 system directly to a Data Domain® system, eliminating the need for a traditional backup infrastructure.

New agility

  • VMAX3 offers radically simpler one-click provisioning.
  • VMAX3 enables customers to define SLAs on consolidated mixed workloads using the new advanced suite of VMAX FAST applications. With integration with EMC ViPR®, these capabilities are provided through a self-service model.
  • VMAX3 is powered by HYPERMAX OS, the industry’s first open converged storage hypervisor and operating system, enabling VMAX3 to incorporate capabilities such as cloud access, data transfer capabilities, and application services directly into the array. to deliver new levels of efficiency and consolidation in the data center by reducing power and footprint requirements.

Availability and services

VMAX3 with HYPERMAX is expected to be available in Q3 2014 with additional functionality. Embedded file and ProtectPoint will be available in Q4 2014 if additional license fees are paid. EMC Global Services consulting and implementation services are available for VMAX3 deployments.

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