First case of addiction to Google Glass

First case of addiction to Google Glass

October 17, 2014

American researchers identified what they described as “the first case” in which an “internet addiction disorder” caused by the use of Google Glass was found.

The patient is a 31-year-old military man who decided to participate in a United States Navy substance abuse program for the treatment of alcoholism. During the program, the researchers concluded that the man “had a problematic use of Google Glass”, which manifested itself in “a remarkable, almost involuntary movement of the right hand over the temple area, which was touched with the index finger ¬Ľ.

The patient said that he had been wearing the device up to 18 hours a day and explained to the doctors that he would get irritated and frustrated if he could not use the lenses. He also acknowledged having repetitive dreams with Google Glass. These glasses developed by the internet search giant Google allow, among other things, to access notifications from mobile devices through a viewer, record videos, take photos and even make calls.

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