First and impressive trailer for the video game «Batma ...

First and impressive trailer for the video game «Batma …

May 21, 2014

First and impressive video game trailer

The firm Rocksteady Games has presented today this spectacular trailer for “Batman: Arkham Knight” in which we can already see the appearance of the brand new Batmobile of the Lord of the Night as well as the detective himself (as Rhas called G’hul) in action or even briefly the stark appearance of Two-Face, one more of the many enemies that the protagonist will have to face on this occasion.

With an action set a year after the events of the title “Batman: Arkham City”, this time we will be able to travel a map five times larger than that of said title, for which the Batmobile will come in handy. The plot is based on the return of Scarecrow and his initiative to reunite villains like the Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn to finish off Batman.

via First (and impressive) trailer for the video game «Batman: Arkham Knight» | The Inquirer ES.

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