First 4K OLED TVs arrive in sizes 55, 65 and 77 ...

First 4K OLED TVs arrive in sizes 55, 65 and 77 …

January 12, 2015

LG 4K OLED TV EG9600Following the unveiling of the world’s first 4K OLED TV introduced in 2014, LG Electronics unveiled its expanded OLED TV lineup at the international show CES, which was held in Las Vegas, USA. Featuring seven different 4K OLED TV models spanning 55-, 65- and 77-inch screen sizes. OLED TVs from LG Electronics will continue to be a class unsurpassed in their ability to render perfect colors.

All 2015 4K OLED TVs from LG Electronics use WRGB technology, which boasts an incredible 33 million sub-pixels to produce the most realistic colors and infinite contrast ratio. A host of smart features ensures that images are rendered with perfect blacks and perfect colors. One of these features is LG Electronics’ unique True Color technology which has been optimized and regulates color stability regardless of variations in brightness, as well as providing an excellent visual experience with more natural and comfortable colors. With a maximum response time of 0.001ms, LG Electronics OLED televisions are 1,000 times faster than conventional LCD flat panel televisions.


The Art Slim design philosophy takes the style of LG TVs in a bold direction with a focus on creating the thinnest TV possible while keeping the aesthetic simple and minimal. The transparent stand, evoking the sensation of a screen floating in the air, has the effect of maximizing the immersive viewing experience, reducing visual clutter around the screen. The attention to detail is meticulous, even the back cover is free of any fasteners or holes for a smooth finish. And while a curved TV communicates a work of art or object to be admired for its beauty and elegance, LG’s slim design communicates simplicity and understatement.

The advanced sound technology features of LG OLED TVs has been developed in collaboration with audio experts Harman / Kardon, which ensures that flawless picture quality is deservedly complemented by deep, rich sound. The 4.2 channel speaker configuration is balanced and enhanced with an ultra surround sound system to deliver a more powerful and refined sound experience.


The latest version of LG Electronics’ Smart TV platform offers a simpler, easier and more intuitive experience with an improved user interface and a number of impressive enhancements. The WebOS 2.0 system takes simplicity and convenience to a whole new level with boot playback. It also allows users to optimize the launcher bar menu making it easier than ever to add and remove favorite items.

“Making this excellent television technology available to more consumers is what drives innovation at LG Electronics. We believe this is where the future of television is heading and we will continue to develop and expand our OLED offering until it becomes a viable option for all consumers. monitors from LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

In November, LG Electronics was recognized for its leadership in OLED televisions with Innovation Awards at CES for its 77-inch flexible 4K OLED TV (Model 77EG9900), the 65-inch floating art curved 4K OLED TV (Model 65EG9600). ), and the 55 ” 4K OLED Floating Art TV (Model 55EF9500).

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