Finally the Fire Phone arrived, the first phone from Am ...

Finally the Fire Phone arrived, the first phone from Am …

June 18, 2014

Amazon FirePhoneAt the end of July, Jeff Bezos’ company will put on the market Fire Phone, a phone created around the same modified version of the Android operating system used by its FireOS tablets and that will have some unique elements.

The most striking will be the possibility of following the position of the head and the user’s gaze at all times thanks to four infrared front cameras. Fire Phone will use this technique to create a realistic-looking three-dimensional on-screen interface with a sense of depth. Amazon will take advantage of it, for example, in its maps application but other developers will be able to take advantage of it for games, for example.

In the United States, it will go on sale on July 25 at a price similar to that of other high-end smartphones on the market, about $ 650. With a two-year contract, it can be purchased with the AT&T operator for $ 199. The phone includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime, the company’s fast shipping service, access to movies and music. Typically the subscription is priced at $ 99 per year.

via Amazon launches its first phone, Fire Phone | Technology | THE WORLD.

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