Filtered the price of the wireless charging pad ...

Filtered the price of the wireless charging pad …

March 5, 2015

Along with the two smartphones that it presented last Sunday, the Samsung company has unveiled a kind of wireless charging platform that will have to be purchased separately and that will probably go on sale at the same time as the devices, whose forecast for the Global rollout is set for April 10. The firm has not revealed what the cost of this accessory will be, but the truth is that the Canadian operator Fido has just said that said platform will cost 60 dollars, an amount that applied to our country could also be 60 euros, as is usually the case. be usual with the prices of these teams. The information seems to have been revealed by mistake, because it has been leaked through a tweet that, after a short time, has been struck down. Luckily, the Canadian website MobileSyrup took a screenshot of the information and today, it has been released.

However, it seems that both Rogers and Fido (the two main operators in Canada) will offer this accessory for free, in what would be a promotional launch, with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It will be available to all customers who reserve either of these two phones in advance.

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